Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Looking for a dip buy at ES 1031- 1030 for Oct 29

It's pretty bloody out there. If the bull computer is going to repeat, 1030.78 is halfway back from 964 to 1099 as well as outside the Bollinger band.  Last breakdown, from 964 to 1076.. 1019 was 1/2 way back and an intra-day pierce and explosion, again outside the b-band. Before that , the rally was picked up at the 61.8 = 992  ( 964 to 1039)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Watchlist for the week of 10-18-09

goat food: ACI, APC, BUCY, CMG, POT, PSA, RIG, SE, SOHU, I'm thinking about BNI, rockstaar SLM, MDT, HW, AMAT, SMH, LLY, ATVI, ERTS, DSX, VCLK, MON, KFT, DELL, CENX, SOHU .

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

This weeks watchlist


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

WTF? No more PPT. It's RII (Rake It In)

I was musing to some friends today about the usual WTF at the end of the day.
Can you imagine if the govt was truly in the market and buying it on the corrections (or perhaps causing and controlling them) and selling it at the top, all the time making money using GS, MER MS as their proxy?
"if you have the deepest pockets, you theorectically could play that game"
"it would not surprise me at all if the Fed is now doing what you describe. that is why they're scared to death of an audit. if this is exposed, it will cause a total panic by foreign investors as well as public outrage at having their own government basically running a pump and dump scheme on the markets."

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Party Like it's 999

Forgive me if I go astray...
Ahhh, so we did come back to good ole triple digit 999.
Now gold is joining the party too. Gold also did the triple number dance.
Now what?
Do we move in tandem? How shall they dance? Will it be The Charleston, The Hustle , The Electric Slide or Dances With Wolves?
Will it be a knockdown drag out ?
The winner taking the quad award of 1111 and the loser being sent back to 888 or places beyond?
Oops out of time!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Fibonacci Extension Games

I was playing around with the SPY chart and threw a fibonacci retracement on the last intermediate high 996 (0 pct) to the last intermediate low 868 (100 pct) using a 60 min chart. When I blew it out to a daily the extensions made me blink.
The 261.8 pct fibonacci extension is sitting at approx 660.
So I just had to look at 666 to 868. Plotting 666 as 0 pct and 868 as 100pct , the 161.8 pct is equal to 989. Where can we go? Looking for that 261.8 extension from 666 to 868 , I found it at 1185.
Some other fun fibs.
Aug 11, 2008 - almost one yr ago the high was 1313. Plot to 1313 to 666 and the 50 pct is 989.
On the upside- 61.8 is 1065 and and 78.6 is 1173.
On the downside- 38.2 is 913 and 23.6 is 819.
My opinion?
Came pretty close with the triple number extravaganza. On the upside maybe we could see a 4 digi- 1111.
It wouldn't suprise me if we tapped back to the mentioned 38.2 (913) that would be a significant higher low from 868 as well as incredible support and then the blast to 1111.
I don't think a break of 950 or 930 would change the symmetry of the chart, rather it would reflect approx Oct. 15 , 2008 to Nov. 15, 2008 all that pinball action before we went down. Now that would be symmetry.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Triple Number Magic?

While everyone else is looking for Elliott Waves, Doji's, Swing highs, Fibonacci, Harami, Volume, Overbought, Momentum....
Why not just silly number games?

Scenario #1
666 to 888 = 222
50 pct of 222= 111
888-111 = 777

Scenario #2
666 to 999 = 333 (50 pct)
2/3 = 222
to get to 777

then again it is a chopper
so how about
666 to 888 to 777 to 999 to 888 to 777

But don't forget the Chinese love the number 8 so they could be lined up at the door.

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