Friday, December 9, 2011

forgot to add a comment made nov 12, 2011 re the market

Still think the 2012 bull market high #’s are coming. Think time has an influence here- the rest of 2011 barring some type of drama, the indices use time to flatten out , let the moving averages catch up. Two months of August to October backing and filling range 1075 to 1225- now plays out as mid October to mid December as the top of the backing and filling range of 1175 to 1300, drifting through the holidays and a furious buying spree to come on the heels of perhaps a suprise dip. Typically the last two months of the year , the seasonal trade is small caps as most of the institutions are done, definitely have my eye on that. One thing that has me concerned are these bear raids hitting individual stocks. Seeing some names decimated 50pct plus in one or two days is unnerving. Seems like the bears can’t attack the indices so hard as Ben B and Co are always there so they go after names one by one. Take care all and have a great weekend.
I think Gold is going much higher. No position at the moment.

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